domingo, enero 27, 2013

Mexico in a state of siege, or the Militarization Rumbo Coup

By: Luis Miguel Loaiza Whenever peace is more distant in Mexico, this year is accounted for hundreds of murders in Mexico, officially the State of Mexico, to cite one case, is 72 dead, a figure that does not correspond to reality, since also officially recognizes 54 homicides in Ecatepec and Toluca is about the same amount. Last week, the country's most populous municipality, Ecatepec de Morelos, police forces entered the PGR, SEDENA, SSC own safety and municipal. Frequent cases of massacres throughout the national territory is forcing people to take up arms to defend themselves against organized crime, by the way, years ago surpassed the three levels of government. It is well known that in Ayutla, Guerrero state municipality and a dozen communities, have formed armed groups of citizens that have given them incredible results, as alleged vandals retention, but also denunciation of abuse of these Citizens cells. Incredibly, the governor Angel Aguirre, has not attempted to enforce the rule of law, on the contrary, gave over a thousand uniforms and trucks to these organized groups of citizens, which leads to a message taking justice into their own hands. The truth is that the example of Guerrero is permeating in remote villages and threatens to spread and become a militarization of communities, especially rural. To cite an example, Jose Eligio Molina, mayor of La Concordia, Sinaloa municipality, made a public appeal to his constituents to arm themselves and defend their property and families, in that coastal area, are becoming more frequent ghost towns, abandoned communities fear or terror of being put to death as dozens of neighbors and relatives of them. A coup? It is not far-fetched idea, but depend on the federal government to prevent it or drive it, according to the results of its public safety programs, but to say the experts, are meaningless public policies, projected from a desk and without a actual study conditions that permeate the country. It is easier to name the states without high crime rate than those that suffer the scourge of organized crime, since the latter are mostly useless and the government talk of an improvement in tourism following the release Cassez the French, because the danger is latent and tourism will not want to go to a country where they risk being kidnapped, robbed or worst, killed.
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